FinallyBot – A Twitterbot that finds all the tech news that is finally here

FinallyBotMy first foray into creating a twitterbot is FinallyBot.  A bot that scours restless tech sites for news that has finally happened.

It tracks RSS feeds for about 120 technology sites.  If it finds a news story with “finally” in the title, it generates a short link with (using BitlyPHP), and tweets it (using Twitter for PHP)

It’s been quietly running for about 8½ months now and has over 1700 tweets.  That’s about 200 news items with “finally”  in the title per month.

The most impatient site? Averaging about one finally news item every other day, the honor goes to Gizmodo with 142 “finally” tweets in the past 36 weeks.

Site Tweets (past 36 weeks)
Gizmodo 142
Boy Genius Report 107
VentureBeat 77
Business Insider 68
Android Police 66
Engadget 57
The Next Web 51
The Verge 50
Quartz 50
Techcrunch 49